Youth Nature Futures in Brazil

In addition to the southern African component, the Youth Nature Futures project has a South American component, led by project partners in Brazil.

The Brazilian process focused on an art competition, called (re):pensa – criando visões artísticas de futuros desejáveis (“(re):think – creating artistic visions of desirable futures”). The competition received well over 40 qualifying submissions. In the end, ten finalists were chosen, and we are thrilled to share the outcomes below!

Summary video of the (re):pensa project, with the option of English subtitles

Please click on the link below to view a document that briefly introduces the story behind each of the ten finalist videos of the project “(re):pensa – criando visões artísticas de futuros desejáveis”.

The finalists are presented in the order in which they were submitted, which is also the order they are shown in the competition’s YouTube playlist (also see link to playlist on the left).

Of the more than 40 videos that qualified, five were chosen as winning submissions by a judging panel, including a popular vote. These winning groups received an award of 5,000 Brazilian Real (BRL). Another group of five “runner-up” videos received an award of BRL 1,000.

Find out more about the competing projects on the “repensafuturos” (rethink futures) Instagram page!

This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of:

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